8 Ways To Bring Nature Indoors

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Many of us enjoy being surrounded by nature. It has a relaxing effect, making us healthier mentally, spiritually, and physically. However, it’s difficult to appreciate nature if you must live — either by circumstance or preference — in a city. Luckily, there are easy ways to bring nature indoors and allow yourself to enjoy its calming effects every single day.

1. Houseplants
The simplest way to bring the outdoors in is to bring your garden indoors! Put plants wherever you can, leaving no room unaddressed. Not even the bathroom; some plants thrive in that humid environment. Houseplants improve your mood by filtering noxious pollutants from the air and they add a decorative touch throughout the entire home. They also don’t have to be limited to lilies, orchids, or spider plants; succulents make for cute decor accent plants!

These plants can serve a dual purpose. Trees planted in large pots indoors can grow lemons or other citrus. Alternatively, you could grow herbs, such as mint or basil, that not only smell great and help to filter the air, but can also be used in a variety of delicious recipes.

2. Natural light
Try to incorporate as much natural light as possible. This can be tough if you are moving into an older house with limited windows. However, you can keep your curtains open and allow sunlight in whenever possible. If you’re building or renovating a home, add skylights and large bay windows to increase the natural lighting within your home.

3. Natural floors and building materials
Whenever and wherever possible, try to use stone or wood to help mimic the appearance of an outdoor setting. Avoid brick, plastic, or laminate, as these appear cold and artificial. Wood floors, whether made of bamboo, cork, or hardwood, last indefinitely and look beautiful. Wood also holds heat better than alternative floor choices like laminate or tile.

You can also use wood as a part of your decor, utilizing natural handrails, accents, and decorative pieces. When painting, choose natural colors and avoid overly bright, synthetic-looking shades.

4. Furniture
Don’t neglect the outdoors when considering the furniture for your rustic digs, either. Opt for rattan or wood furniture, both of which are usually associated with the outdoors. It might also work for a variety of entertainment purposes to buy hardy furniture pieces, like being able to use them outside when needed for extra seating.

5. Bring the outdoors inside, literally
If you see something outside you like, with the exception of animals, bring it indoors! This might be a stone, pine cone, branch, or piece of driftwood. Use these finds to decorate your walls and countertops. You could make a mobile, or fill a vase with beautiful wild flowers. Display any rocks, stones, or cones you’ve collected on shelves or in a DIY zen garden. You can also make wall hangings from your finds, or fill glass jars with sand.

These fun finds can help fuel some pretty creative craft projects. Having physical elements of nature indoors can be therapeutic and will tie together the rest of your decor quite nicely.

6. Create your own artwork
Either purchase some professional photographs or paintings of nature scenes, or consider taking your own. You don’t need a high tech digital camera to take a nice shot of a sunrise, you can use your mobile device or buy a mobile camera attachment for an inexpensive camera upgrade. You can blow these up and hang them on the wall to help remind you of the beauty waiting right outside your door.

7. Create a vertical garden
If you’re tight on space but high on creativity with an active green thumb, a vertical garden might be perfect for you. These can be built with vegetables, moss, flowers, or other horticultural stars. A vertical garden climbs up the walls of your room and doesn’t take up any precious floor space, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and save some space at the same time.

8. Invest in a scent
One of the best parts of nature is how it smells–fresh, fragrant, and earthy. Purchase a diffuser or scented candles. Inhaling these woodsy scents will allow you to unwind. Close your eyes, and you might even forget you’re inside. For a non-flammable option, try potpourri.

However you chose to decorate your home, remember that nature can be found in all places, and not just outside. Bring the outdoors inside, and you’ll find yourself more relaxed and at peace than you’ve ever been before!

Article courtesy of Homes.com