Ideas to Stay Entertained While Social Distancing

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Your Well-Being is Important to Me

If you need a little inspiration to help keep things happy and healthy at home, check out the activities and suggestions I've compiled just for you.

My list of project ideas is intended to spruce up the house, sharpen the mind and bring the whole family together.

- Outdoor Projects

- Plant an edible garden
- Build a DIY fire pit
- Propagate a plant
- Set up a portable projector screen
- Create a stone garden path
- Make a DIY compost bin
- Catch up on routine outdoor home maintenance (clean gutters, check downspouts, prep garden, clean air-conditioning coils, clean outdoor furniture)

- Indoor Projects

- Begin an indoor herb garden
- Swap out old doorknobs and drawer handles with newer ones for a fresher look
- Hang new art or curtains
- Reorganize your kitchen spices with a homemade spice rack
- Catch up on routine indoor home maintenance (change home air filter, vacuum refrigerator coils, check washing machine filter, clean dryer vent, check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors)

- Attend an online class
- Learn a new cocktail recipe
- Hone your cooking skills
- Start a 365-day journal
- Take the time to meditate
- Study a new language
- Start a new workout regimen with a free workout app

- Outdoor FunPlay hide-and-seek

- Jump rope
- Play hopscotch
- Draw sidewalk chalk art
- Fly a kite
- Take a bike ride
- Go roller skating

- Indoor Activities

- Play a board game
- Complete a jigsaw puzzle
- Set up a treasure hunt
- Build a fort
- Learn magic tricks
- Teach your dog new tricks
- Have a family movie night
- Plan an international dinner night
- Enjoy a home spa day

- Baking and Cooking

- Try some kid-friendly cookie recipes
- Decorate cupcakes
- Assemble and bake easy pita pizzas
- Make indoor s’mores
- Create an ice cream sundae bar

- Arts and Crafts

- Color a coloring page or paint-by-numbers
- Make slime
- Watch an online drawing lesson
- Make origami
- Create a family scrapbook
- Paint kindness rocks and leave them around the neighborhood