Preparing Your Home for the Rain

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5 Tips for Preparing for a Wet Winter

Tip 1: Have any trees that appear weakened by drought inspected by an arborist. In high winds, downed trees and branches can knock out power or seriously damage homes and vehicles.

Tip 2: Roofs and Windows. Check your roof for misalignment or bent and missing shingles. Have roof repairs made and other leaks fixed before it starts to rain. Reinforce single-pane windows with painters tape or duct tape to seal the sides. 

Tip 3: Make sure gutters are clear of leaves and other debris. Do the same for any drain grates and drainage systems.

Tip 4: Consider flood insurance. Homeowners policies typically do not cover flood damage. Most flood policies require a 30-day waiting period.

Tip 5: In case of flooding, mudslides or other storm-related natural disasters, have an emergency plan in place for your family, and a dry place for storm supplies.